The invisible Genie

So here we are four years later, really successful and really… anonymous.

Just the way we like it… kind of.

We now have 35,000 real estate agents across Australia who don’t know us and have no idea that we make their working life more efficient and productive.

That’s 7,500 real estate agencies who conduct a more personalised and profitable business blissfully unaware of who are. We are like an invisible genie granting everyday wishes:

“I wish I could get out from this desk and see my vendors.” “I wish I could be more proactive with my landlords.” “I wish I wasn’t stuck at this computer updating tenancy agreements. “I wish filling in these government forms wasn’t so repetitive.”

(By the way, we removed all the expletives from these wishes).

We are partnered with various REIs across Australia and go by the name REI Forms Live in SA, WA, NT, NSW, Tasmania and now ACT. In Queensland, we’re known as Realworks… just… because.

Obviously, we have something to do with forms. Well, quite a lot really. We are the creators of the software that allows you to create forms that aren’t repetitive, that have made your work a lot easier and more productive, the ones that you use to sell or manage property more efficiently, the ones that are continually updated and comply with state laws.

If you’re still none the wiser… that’s okay. Maybe you might recognise the CRMs that integrate with us and think we are fabulous. (We think they are fabulous too): REST Professional, Rex Software, Console, My Desktop, Palace, Property Me, PropertyTree, RP Professional, Agentbox and APM Pricefinder.

Over the last three years, 8.8 million of our forms have been created. Just think about that – 8.8 million in three years (and counting)! That’s roughly 55,000 a week. And we’re still growing… our form uptake has increased each year for the last four years by 74%. We should be famous throughout the real estate world! And yet, we are not given a first thought, let alone a second one.

But that’s about to change… right now… you’re about to find out who we are. It’s time for the drumroll. We are…

Dynamic Methods!


Okay… not so exciting then… perhaps we should just keep our name to ourselves. In any case, knowing our name won’t change your life, but knowing (and using) our software will.

If you’d like to know more about… not us… check your CRM and look for REI Forms Live or, if you’re a Queenslander, Realworks.