Does applying for developer jobs make you J Query yourself?

(Well, this one won’t)

We understand how you ‘behind the screen’ geniuses work. You’re super comfortable in your own space, but just a little bit terrified of anything outside it.

You’re thinking: how did they know that?

We know because our founder and Managing Director is (or was) like you, and we have four ‘if only everyone spoke NodeJS people on staff.

We are Dynamic Methods… (Cue the crickets)… a ground breaking, trail blazing software developer (in the real estate head space) based in non-confronting Adelaide. And because we’re so trail blazing, we need another developer to join our intrepid crew.

An ongoing adventure.

Our intrepid crew (the NodeJS bunch) may be from different planets, but like the control deck on the USS Enterprise, they’re navigating us in the direction we want to go… which is unexplored space.  But this is not a 5-year mission (we’ve already reached 7 years) but an ongoing adventure to improve our software, the way it works and presents to the user.

So, the person we’re looking for needs initiative as much as smarts. In fact, we’ll toast a tin of Nesquik to initiative. And you don’t have to be formally trained or had years of experience, we realise that genius is genius.

(If you’d like to know the story of one our crew, please click here).

Dolly Parton V Sheena Easton.

We also encourage (and pretty much insist upon) a good work/life balance. Work is 9 to 5. Life is any time outside of that. And we’re adaptive to working remotely.

It doesn’t mean we don’t expect your passion or commitment (oh dear… a double negative), but we don’t subscribe to the cultish devotion the Googles of this world insist upon; living  and breathing your job until you’re nothing more than a shambling Google-eyed blob.

At Dynamic Methods, 9 to 5 means 9 to 5.

And if you’re wondering what this has to do with Dolly Parton and Sheena Easton, then… Google them.

(Hint: they had different songs with the same title in the charts at the same time.)

Are you still with us?

We hope so, and that you feel kind of okay about contacting us. If you have the tech ability (even if you’re self-taught) we’d like to hear from you.

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